Do you ever wonder how your nightly sleep adventure plays out? Understanding your sleep stages, from REM to Deep Sleep, is pivotal in enhancing the quality of your rest. While Apple recently launched sleep stage analysis for Apple Watch owners, we at Pillow have been pioneering this science for years. So why not offer the best of both worlds? With the latest update, Pillow now lets you choose between its proprietary sleep stage analysis algorithm and Apple's. All while still benefiting from the unique, high-value features exclusive to Pillow.

How to switch between Pillow and Apple's Sleep Stage Analysis

This valuable feature is tucked neatly under Pillow’s Settings on your iPhone. If you have an Apple Watch paired with your iPhone and watchOS 9 installed or later, Pillow's algorithm is selected by default for Automatic sleep tracking.

A screenshot of Pillow's Settings page, highlighting the option to toggle between Pillow's sleep stage analysis and Apple’s.

Which Sleep Stage Analysis one to choose?

We want to be clear: Pillow's sleep stage analysis algorithm is by far the algorithm that most users prefer. It’s highly sophisticated, focusing on REM, Light Sleep, and Deep Sleep stages and we have no intention of replacing it. Pillow's sleep stage analysis algorithm has been developed for years and we are glad so many users rely on it worldwide every night. Our decision to support Apple's algorithm was part of Pillow's goal to offer flexibility and support for various devices and sleep tracking methods. In fact you can switch between algorithms any time. What's more, after you switch, you can let Pillow re-detect past sleep sessions as long as you have worn your Apple Watch during sleep.

A Blend of the Best Features

Apple’s sleep stage analysis is a worthy contender. However, it lacks several of the powerful features you'll find when using Pillow for sleep monitoring. From editing, audio recording, Smart Wake-up, personalised insights, premium sleep aid content, sleep report notifications to additional metrics and insights, Pillow provides a comprehensive sleep analysis experience that you won’t find in Apple’s native Apple Health app.

Only for Automatic Sleep Tracking

Remember, the choice between Pillow's algorithm and Apple's is available only for Automatic sleep tracking. If you’re using manual tracking, Pillow's proprietary sleep stage analysis will always be used. You can switch between the two algorithms any time.

Why is this Important?

This new feature allows you to enjoy a more tailored sleep analysis experience. You can choose Apple’s sleep stages if you wish, but still benefit from Pillow’s great sleep tracking features. Explore all the features of Pillow on our homepage or download Pillow from the App Store to get started.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain deeper insights into your sleep stages and overall sleep health. Whether you prefer Pillow's sleep stage analysis or Apple’s, the choice is now yours. Download Pillow today to start enjoying a more personalized sleep monitoring experience.