We live in a world that is incessantly noisy. While we might have grown accustomed to the constant hum of our environment, these noises can affect the quality of our sleep in ways we might not even realize. Enter Pillow, our innovative sleep tracking app that offers you a unique feature - the Environmental Audio Levels tracking. This tool equips you with the information you need about the audio environment in which you sleep, helping you make necessary changes for a better night's rest.

The Impact of Noisy Environments on Sleep

Several studies have shed light on the harmful effects of noise pollution on sleep. A study published in Sleep Science found that exposure to noise during sleep can lead to a range of sleep disturbances - from changes in sleep stages to more severe disorders such as insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea.

Environmental noise can also lead to micro-arousals, subtle disturbances in sleep that can affect sleep quality without the individual even realizing it. These disturbances, although not leading to full awakenings, can still result in sleep fragmentation and daytime sleepiness, as discussed in this study published in the Frontiers in Neurology.

Given the serious impact of environmental noise on sleep, it's not surprising that the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued guidelines for nighttime noise levels. The WHO recommends that noise levels during sleep should not exceed 40 decibels, equivalent to the sound of a quiet street in a residential area.

Screenshot of Pillow's Environmental Audio Levels feature on Apple Watch, displaying a chart of decibel levels registered during sleep.

Track the environmental levels during sleep with Pillow.

Pillow’s Environmental Audio Levels Feature: Your Personal Sleep Environment Analyst

Designed to work seamlessly with an Apple Watch Series 4 or newer, the Environmental Audio Levels feature by Pillow tracks and charts the environmental audio levels throughout your sleep. The chart displays these values in decibels, providing you with a visual representation of the noise in your environment as you sleep.

Along with the noise chart, the feature also gives you the minimum, maximum, and average values of the environmental audio levels. It doesn't stop there; you also get a rating of the average noise levels. All these data points provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your sleep environment's auditory landscape.

This feature works in tandem with Pillow's other key feature - the sleep sound recording and analysis. With the best sleep talk recorder app at your fingertips, you can record yourself sleeping, allowing Pillow to analyze sleep sounds such as snoring and sleep talking. And this isn't just a simple iPhone sleep recorder; it uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to classify these sounds, giving you insights into any potential sleep issues.

Importantly, the Environmental Audio Levels feature doesn't record or store any audio data. It merely processes levels of loudness registered by the Apple Watch, ensuring your privacy remains uncompromised.

Transform Your Sleep Environment Today

With the power to monitor your sleep environment's audio levels, you can make better-informed decisions to improve your sleep quality. Whether it's identifying a sleep noise recorder or finding an app that picks up noise when you sleep, Pillow offers you this and much more.

Pillow doesn't just listen while you sleep, it gives you a roadmap to better sleep. So why wait? Record your sleep, track your sleep environment's audio levels, and embark on a journey towards healthier sleep patterns. After all, when it comes to restful sleep, every decibel counts.

Download Pillow today, the app that listens to your sleep and start the journey towards a noise-free, peaceful night's sleep.