Falling asleep isn't always as easy as lying down and closing your eyes. The noise of the day can sometimes keep you up, disrupting your sleep routine and making it difficult to relax. That's where meditation, sleep stories, and bedtime stories come into play. They can help you wind down and fall asleep faster.

Pillow’s Sleep Aid content has always been a reliable source for calming your mind before sleep. From soothing meditations to intricate soundscapes, it's been a go-to feature for many. But what if you could expand that selection of sleep aids to include your favorite songs or curated playlists? Well, that's now possible with Pillow's latest feature: Apple Music integration.

How It Works

When you start a sleep session, Pillow lets you instantly access Apple Music's vast library without interrupting your sleep tracking. If you prefer manual tracking by pressing "Start" before sleep, the integration is seamless. And for those who like the convenience of automatic tracking, this new feature is always there in the Sleep Aid tab, ready to help you relax. Simply launch Pillow and tap on the Sleep Aid tab.

Apple Music appears at the end of the sleep aid list, integrating smoothly with the rest of the content. Whether you’re in the mood for some classical compositions or calming nature sounds, it's always there as an option. What's more, Pillow will automatically stop the track when it detects you've fallen asleep. This is currently available only for manual tracking as it requires starting a sleep session.

Why This Matters

The benefits of this integration are twofold. Firstly, it enhances your sleep routine by providing a broader selection of music and sounds that can help you relax. Secondly, the feature is so seamlessly integrated that it feels like a natural extension of Pillow's existing sleep aid library.

It's also worth mentioning that this isn't just a feature for falling asleep. You can also set any Apple Music track as your wake-up alarm, allowing you to start your day on the right note.

This feature is part of Pillow Premium and requires a separate subscription to Apple Music. For more information, visit Pillow’s homepage or Pillow's page on the App Store.

Don't miss out on enhancing your sleep routine with your favorite tunes. Download Pillow now and discover how Apple Music's vast new library can help you find the right thing  to listen for a relaxing good night of sleep.