We're excited to announce a fantastic new feature that will enhance your sleep tracking experience with our latest update, Pillow v.4.17, now available on the App Store. Imagine controlling your sleep session without even having to launch Pillow - sounds dreamy, right? Well, that dream has now become a reality with Live Activities!

With this much requested feature, you can now track your sleep session right from the Lock Screen of your device. Live Activities are available if you manually start your sleep sessions by pressing "Start" before you drift off into dreamland.

And if you own an iPhone 14 Pro, we've got some great news for you: Pillow's Live Activity will also appear on the Dynamic Island of your iPhone, making it even more convenient and accessible.

Image of two iPhone devices that display Pillow's Live Activities

The best way to track your sleep without launching Pillow.

Gone are the days of fumbling to check how much time remains until your alarm goes off. With Live Activities, you can easily track the countdown to your wake-up call. Plus, you can effortlessly stop or resume your sleep session if you've paused it for any reason.

For those of you who have set up your sleep tracking preset to include a sleep aid track, Pillow's Live Activities go the extra mile by allowing you to control the playback seamlessly. Say goodbye to interrupted sleep and hello to a smoother, more relaxed bedtime experience.

Image of two iPhone device. One of them displays the expanded view of Pillow's Live Activity on the Dynamic Island.

Control your sleep session right from the Dynamic Island of you iPhone. Play and pause your favourite sleep sounds from the Lock Screen.

To take advantage of this cutting-edge feature, make sure you have iOS version 16.2 installed on your device.

Sleep tracking has never been easier, and we're thrilled to make your nights more restful with Pillow's support for Live Activities feature. So why wait? Head over to the App Store and download Pillow v.4.17 today to experience the future of sleep tracking. Sweet dreams!

Note: Due to limitations on iOS 16, Live Activity sessions longer than 8 hours may not update as expected.