When it comes to overall health and wellbeing, sleep plays an integral part that is often overlooked. A regular and healthy sleep routine is associated with a multitude of benefits such as improved mood, increased productivity, better immune function, and enhanced memory, to name a few. To help keep track of this vital biological function, an innovative app known as Pillow is here to transform your sleep routine.

A recent Editor's Choice on the App Store, Pillow is an app that allows you to record yourself sleeping, providing you with a detailed analysis of your sleep stages, time asleep, sleep quality, heart rate, and even audio recordings.

Screenshot of Pillow's user interface displaying the Home Screen Widget, showcasing sleep stages, time spent asleep, sleep quality score, heart rate data, and number of nighttime audio recordings.

Pillow's Home Screen Widget

At the heart of Pillow's impressive array of features is the Home Screen Widget. This widget is designed to make sleep tracking a breeze. Available in two sizes - small and medium - the widget can conveniently be placed on your iPhone or Apple Watch home screen for easy access.

This Home Screen Widget brings forth the most pertinent details about your sleep right to the forefront. It displays your latest sleep stage analysis, the time spent asleep, and your sleep quality score for the current day. To give you a more in-depth view of your sleep health, it also offers heart rate information and the number of audio recordings taken during the night.

What's more? If you tap on the widget, Pillow takes you directly to your sleep session to explore the full sleep analysis report. This user-friendly design helps you understand the intricate details of your sleep patterns and guides you towards better sleep hygiene.

This Widget is available for users running iOS 15 or newer versions, offering seamless integration and simple navigation.

Transform Your Sleep Today

Pillow’s Home Screen Widget is more than just an app to record yourself sleeping—it’s a comprehensive solution designed to help you improve your sleep. By providing accurate, personalized sleep insights, this feature motivates you to adopt healthier sleep habits and ultimately improve your wellbeing.

Start the journey towards better sleep by downloading the Pillow app today, and let the power of data-driven insights enhance your health, productivity, and lifestyle.

Pillow is where better sleep begins. Are you ready to join the journey?