Today we want to dive into a lesser-known but equally important feature of the Pillow app that guarantees you a seamless sleep tracking experience with your Apple Watch.

Have you ever woken up, eager to analyze your sleep data, only to find out your Apple Watch ran out of battery midway through the night? It's a frustrating situation that can throw off your daily routine. However, with Pillow's subtle and incredibly useful feature, you can easily dodge this issue.

Sleep Tracking: Why a Charged Apple Watch Matters

Have you ever looked forward to analyzing your sleep data only to discover that your Apple Watch ran out of juice during the night? Frustrating, right? This scenario highlights the importance of charging your Apple Watch before bedtime to ensure consistent sleep tracking.

When your Apple Watch's battery gets critically low, it may disable sensors or enable them less frequently to conserve power. This power-saving strategy could impact your sleep tracking data accuracy or even cause a complete loss of a sleep session.

So, to make the most out of your sleep tracking experience and to ensure a better sleep, you need to ensure your Apple Watch is fully charged. With an average charging time of around 40 minutes, it usually fits in nicely with most people's pre-bedtime routine

Discover Pillow's Charging Reminder Feature

Tucked away in Pillow's settings, this feature reminds you to charge your Apple Watch before bedtime. It also conveniently informs you about the remaining battery percentage. You can select the time you want to receive this reminder, making it a seamless part of your routine, not an interruption.

When the selected time arrives, the reminder will appear directly on your Apple Watch, where you have the option to dismiss the notification or snooze it for a few minutes if you aren't ready to plug in just yet.

Here's a bonus - Pillow, while ensuring your Apple Watch is ready for action, is also very considerate of your iPhone's battery life. Designed to consume almost no battery, it allows you to rest assured that your phone will be ready for you in the morning.

One less worry to keep you away from good sleep

Don't let a drained battery stand between you and your quest for better sleep. Let Pillow, the best sleep tracker for the Apple help you keep your Apple Watch read for optimal sleep tracking.

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Stay tuned as we continue to explore the wealth of features that make Pillow the best sleep tracking app. Sleep well!