Does Marijuana Improve Sleep? Exploring the Influence of THC on Sleep

Does marijuana improve sleep? Join us as we continue our examination of how to improve sleep by exploring the influence of THC on sleep.


Marijuana has often been associated with improved sleep, but is that really true? The influence of marijuana on sleep, both THC and CBD, is largely misunderstood, but research can help us better understand the effects of marijuana. If you’re curious to learn more about how marijuana can affect your sleep, we’ll explore all that you need to know.

In this article, we’ll uncover the effects of marijuana on the body and mind, as well as what studies have said about THC and sleep over the years. We’ll even discuss the real influence of THC on sleep and whether or not the assumptions are true. Let’s get into the first critical topic to discuss: how this substance affects your cognition and body.

The Effects of Marijuana on the Body and Mind

Over the years, THC and CBD, both components of marijuana, have been studied because of their influence on anxiety, mood, and more. It can even impact people’s circadian rhythms or their sleep and wake cycles. CBD specifically is unique because studies have shown how it can lower inflammation in the body, promote the health of your individual cells, and also contribute to your immunity as an antioxidant.

Marijuana is also popular for helping people protect their neurological health, specifically because of how it protects the neurons or cells within the brain. That’s why it has been used to help patients who may suffer from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. It’s a great substance for brain health, and it can actually be used as a form of treatment for these patients, making it incredibly beneficial!

In essence, marijuana can impact people’s circadian rhythms, help with inflammation, and also promote cell health. However, THC and sleep have also been studied with varying results, mainly showing that what people assume to be true often falls short of the truth.

Why People’s Assumption About THC Falls Short of the Truth

While marijuana has been studied and shown to help the mind and body, there is a bit of confusion in the research community about how it affects sleep. Studies say that THC and sleep may be connected, and THC may have an impact.

Many people have this expectation that marijuana can help with sleep, but studies show that this lacks sufficient evidence. Even then, one study illustrated how people have yet to study how THC helps with restless leg syndrome and other sleep challenges like insomnia. So, there is a clear gap in the research that must be addressed to really understand how THC affects sleep.

Even then, as shared before, THC does govern over sleep and circadian rhythm. It is the one pattern that we all must follow and one that has a big impact on our overall health. A study on PubMed actually showed that for some populations, the use of cannabis specifically actually led to less sleep and even less quality sleep, showing that people’s assumptions were the opposite.

Nevertheless, regardless of these contradictions between studies, there are still so many research projects in the works that will continue to contribute to our understanding. However, one thing is clear: people’s expectations of THC and its impact on sleep are not the entire truth. In fact, more specific research studies on sleep and marijuana show that it could actually hurt people’s sleep over time.

What the Scholars Say About THC and Sleep

There are contradictions in the industry currently about sleep and THC, but there are also studies out there that illustrate why THC might not be great for sleep – especially in the long term. One key study in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research showed that cannabis actually hurts sleep and alters people’s circadian rhythms. In essence, there’s way more harm than good that occurs for those who use THC for their sleep.

Another study in the Journal of American College Health showed that college students who used marijuana as a sleep aid actually ended up with more daytime dysfunction. What this means is that not only were they sleepy upon waking up, but they also encountered sleep problems. They felt tired during the day and never felt rested. This illustrates a major misconception about sleep and how marijuana helps – when, in reality, it can hinder people’s quality of sleep.

Fortunately, there are some other studies that at least show some truth to the assumption that sleep is helped by THC. In fact, a recent study shows that the best form of THC to take for sleep is vaporized or by vape pen because it promotes non-REM sleep. This finding is not widely confirmed, but what this means is that there is some truth to the fact that sleep is helped by marijuana. It might not be the type of sleep people need for sleep hygiene, but it certainly is the reason why so many assume the benefits of this substance (Source: Cannabinoids and Sleep).

If Not Marijuana, Then What Can I Use?

Unfortunately, marijuana does not lead to better sleep. But there are several other substances or foods that can help you if you’re looking for quality sleep. Some of these include the age-old proven method of drinking warm milk, or you can opt for chamomile tea or tart cherry juice. Warm milk helps with transitioning your body to be ready for sleep, just like chamomile tea – which lacks caffeine, making it the perfect item to sip before you cozy into bed.

No matter what you choose, it’s important that you understand the quality of your sleep health, too. The best way to ensure that your methods are working for better rest is to use an app like Pillow, which can help you maximize your sleep efforts and enjoy quality shut-eye.

How Will You Improve Your Sleep?

With all the insights out there about marijuana, you have all the tools and knowledge you need to empower your sleep health. Whether you sip on some chamomile tea or choose to make a mocktail with tart cherry juice, you can easily find a rhythm that helps your sleep – even better than you thought THC could! To try Pillow today for optimal sleep, download it now from the app store.


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