We're really excited to announce v1.1 of Pillow: Apart from numerous fixes and improvements in speed and stability, this is the first version of Pillow to include 2 major feature additions: Naps and Mood tracking.

Powernaps and mood tracking


Short periods of sleep, also known as naps, have been shown to improve alertness, memory, motor skills, decision-making, and mood. To help you track your nap's quality and statistics, we added nap detection in Pillow right from the beginning.

Because of the way sleep works, the duration of a nap may have different effects on our body and mind so choosing the right period of time to take a nap can make a serious difference. That's why in this version of Pillow, we've included 3 pre-defined nap modes. "Power nap", "Recovery nap" and "Full cycle" modes. Unlike other similar apps out there, Pillow provides detailed statistics for each nap session and audio recordings.

To access the available nap modes, simply swipe up from the bottom of the app to reveal the sleep modes selection and then swipe horizontally to select the nap mode you prefer.

Mood tracking

Tracking your mood after a sleep session is an important aspect of your sleep quality. Pillow now lets you optionally record your mood at wake up time from a scale of one to five.

Your choice is then displayed on the Daily statistics view and you can edit it anytime by tapping on the mood icon displayed for each session. We've also added a new chart in the detailed statistics view, accessible by rotating your device in landscape mode, so that you can view your mood throughout time just as you can do for your sleep quality.

Version 1.1 of Pillow is now available on the AppStore and you can get it now at 40% discount for a limited time.