A huge update for Pillow's audio recording feature.

As you know, you can let Pillow record sounds during sleep like snoring, sleep talking or any other environmental sounds that could be affecting your sleep. Pillow didn't have a way to categorise these sounds but now it does!

Using machine learning, Pillow can now automatically categorize all your sound recordings under specific categories related to sleep. The categorization takes place using on-device intelligence. Pillow doesn't need to send anything outside your device for this analysis which is great for your privacy. This feature doesn't need an internet connection!

We've redesigned the audio recordings section so that you can get a quick overview of the sounds that Pillow recorded during sleep and compare their duration across sleep sessions. This also opens up a new dimension in sleep tracking that we will be introducing in the next versions of Pillow to provide significant insights like the duration of snoring over time and many more.

Our sound categorization algorithm has been specifically engineered for sounds during sleep, and we're very proud of how well it performs. However, it can continue to evolve and adapt based on your feedback. If you believe that Pillow hasn't categorized a sound under the right category, you have the option to change its category. You even have the option to disable any categories that you don't care about to let Pillow keep track of the categories you care about.

If you have any audio recordings that were recorded before this update, you can let Pillow categorize all of them automatically. Simply go to the sleep session and tap to view your audio recordings.

As always, Pillow cannot record audio if you are tracking sleep automatically by wearing your Apple Watch. To let Pillow record sounds during sleep, you must track your sleep manually by pressing "Start" in Pillow before sleep. You can do that by using your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad. If you use the Apple Watch, please remember to start the sleep session from your Apple Watch and place your iPhone on the nightstand next to you because Pillow will use the microphone of the iPhone to record audio.

Lastly, if you want to help us improve Pillow's categorization algorithm, you have the option to send us any miscategorized sound anonymously.

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