Our latest and greatest update for Pillow (v.2.2) is finally public. This version comes with several new features and changes that we believe are worth the time to explore and explain a little further.

12 hour format.


The most requested feature by our users right from the beginning was the option to display time in 12 hour format. Although it might seem trivial, this time format has lot of quirks mainly because the ‘am’/‘pm’ indicator is not the same around the world and it’s length varies and the time shows up in lots of places inside Pillow.

The best part is that you don’t have to do anything to switch between 12 and 24 time format. Pillow automatically detects the format you have selected for your device and adjusts accordingly. [screenshot of the two time format options]

Snooze Lab Insights: Discover your optimal bed time


Version 2.2 of Pillow introduces a new Snooze Lab item which we call Insights. Insights let you discover more about your sleep by analysing data from your sleep sessions.

The first in the series of Snooze Lab insights is about your Optimal bed time: Pillow analyses your sleep sessions and determines around what time you are most likely to sleep better based on the relationship between and the beginning of each sleep session and its quality.

What’s more, you can optionally allow Pillow to display a notification on your iOS device 30 minutes earlier, so that you can start preparing for bed time.

A change in the way the sleep session stops


One of the biggest changes you are going to notice is in the way Pillow lets you stop a sleep session. We had to replace the “Swipe to stop” method, as required by Apple’s review team, to avoid confusion with the "Swipe to unlock functionality" on iOS.

So we decided to replace it with a ‘Stop’ button that you have to press and hold for a few seconds to avoid accidental termination of the session.

The v.8.3 bug

This update of Pillow also happened to coincide with the update of iOS to version v.8.3 which introduced a nasty bug that made Pillow freeze and become unresponsive. We want to thank all of you for your patience and support during the time it took to resolve this issue and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

As always this is a free update for all of our users. If you like Pillow please consider writing a short review on the App Store. It will really help other users discover Pillow as well.