Understanding your sleep is the first step toward improving it. Our sleep patterns, durations, and quality play an essential role in our overall health and productivity. That's why Pillow, the best sleep tracking app for the iPhone and Apple Watch, is committed to making sleep tracking easier than ever. With our Lock Screen Widgets, you now have the power of Pillow right on your lock screen.

The Power of Widgets in Your Sleep Tracking

With the recent iOS 16 update, Pillow has introduced four lock screen widgets: The Sleep Quality Widget, The Sleep Summary Widget, The Sleep Duration Widget, and The Start Tracking Widget. Each widget is designed to present essential sleep metrics at a glance and make sleep tracking a breeze.

Sleep Quality Widget: Your Sleep Score in a Glance

The Sleep Quality widget displays your Sleep Quality score of the current day in the Small and Inline sizes. For those who love visual data, the Medium size offers a weekly overview of your sleep quality. Tracking your sleep quality has never been more accessible or visually appealing.

Sleep Duration Widget: Your Nightly Goal Tracker

Are you meeting your sleep goals? The Sleep Duration widget, an app to record yourself sleeping, is here to help. The Small and Inline sizes show the total duration of sleep for the current day compared to your set goal. Want a broader perspective? The Large size provides a weekly view of your total sleep duration.

Sleep Summary Widget: Comprehensive Insights in a Widget

The Sleep Summary Widget presents a helpful of sleep metrics. The Small size displays the sleep rings for the current day. If you prefer a progress bar view, the Large size displays time asleep and sleep duration. The Inline size provides a short textual summary of your sleep quality and sleep score, bringing a quick and helpful sleep analysis to your fingertips.

Start Tracking Widget: Initiate Sleep Tracking with a Single Tap

Lastly, the Start Tracking widget simplifies the process of initiating a sleep session. With a single tap, you can start a sleep session that uses the first tracking preset that appears in the tracking tab. Once Pillow starts tracking, this widget updates to display a progress of the sleep tracking session.

Start Your Journey to Better Sleep Today

Pillow's Lock Screen Widgets for sleep tracking brings a new level of convenience. Whether you're curious about your sleep patterns or looking to improve your overall sleep quality, these widgets will be a great addition to your Lock Screen. Download Pillow today and get started tonight.