Introducing: Better Sleep Magazine

When set out to build Pillow, our goal was to build something beyond the confines of a good sleep tracking application that measures your sleep cycles. We also wanted to provide a high quality resource that will enable smarter decisions to improve sleep quality and gain deeper insight about each one’s personal sleep profile.

Our first step towards that direction was Snooze lab, constantly updated with smart recommendations, experiments and personalised tips. We are already working on its evolution and we are very excited about it. But this post is not about Snooze lab.

Today we are announcing a small but significant addition. It’s an on-line publication powered by Flipboard’s amazing platform. It’s name is ‘Better Sleep’ and it’s a weekly online magazine featuring a specially curated selection of articles related to Sleep Health, the science of sleep and useful tips recommended by sleep experts.

The format is very new and we are still experimenting with it but we really believe you are going to love it. It’s available for free though flipboad, accessible from your favourite mobile device or your desktop browser: here

Take a look, browse it’s content and let us know what you think.

Sleep well.