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It's been over 18 months since the release of Pillow and we are already preparing the v.3.0 with many new features that will take Pillow to whole new level. All this progress wouldn't have been possible without the invaluable feedback that we have gathered from our amazing users that took the time to share their ideas and suggestions on how to make Pillow even better.

Pillow has been praised for its clean and simple user interface but it remains a large app with many features. This is why some of our users have suggested a quick and simple guide around Pillow's basic and most frequent tasks. Today we are introducing a new section on our website: "Getting started with Pillow". This section includes short videos that answer simple questions such as how to start a sleep session, how to start a power nap, how to view last night's statistics, how to listen to your audio recordings and many more.

And this is just the beginning. We'll be adding more videos in this section as the time progresses and we gather more feedback from you. As always, we are open to more suggestions and ideas, even for this new section itself. Visit our "Support & Feedback Center" to let us know. We'll be more than happy to hear from you.