Optimal sleep is crucial for overall well-being and Pillow, offers unparalleled features to make sleep tracking more effective and user-friendly. We are thrilled to unveil a Home Screen Widget Update that refines the best sleep tracker for the Apple Watch and iPhone experience.

Two widgets are better than one

In a comprehensive update, Pillow now offers two widgets designed to provide nuanced insights into your sleep health. These widgets are not just a facelift but a valuable addition aimed at making sleep tracking as intuitive as possible.

Latest Sleep Session Widget

Instant access to the most recent sleep data can offer a quick perspective on the quality and duration of your previous night’s sleep. This, in turn, can influence decisions you make during the day. The Latest Sleep Session Widget gives you a quick glanceable overview of your latest sleep session complete with a detailed sleep stage analysis chart.

Screenshot of the medium-sized Sleep Rings Widget displaying daily and weekly sleep metrics.

Sleep Rings Widget

The second widget, known as the Sleep Rings Widget, is geared towards those seeking a comprehensive outlook two important sleep metrics: Sleep Quality and Time Asleep.. In its medium size, the widget showcases two weekly charts—one for each metric—helping you identify sleep patterns and areas for improvement.

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Both widgets are available in small and medium sizes to make sure there's a perfect size that fits your Home Screen and most importantly your personal needs and style of sleep tracking.

A quick word about some upcoming iOS 17 updates

For those of you wondering about iOS 17 and watchOS 10, Pillow will integrate features like Smart Stack, new App Intents and Shortcuts, and an upgraded Live Activity Notification. These enhancements are designed to make your sleep tracking experience seamless and more interactive and are just a few of the improvements that we have planned for the near future!


Why settle for less when the path to better sleep and enhanced well-being is just a click away? Take the leap towards a healthier you—Download Pillow now.